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Thermage treatments are a Proven Solution for Non-Invasive Wrinkle Treatments

At Solta, we pioneered the technology for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles using radiofrequency energy, and now we have more than a decade of innovation, over 1.5 million treatments and proven results built in. Thermage radiofrequency (RF) is a proven treatment that helps promote the process of new collagen production in wrinkled skin, giving you a smoother, sleeker and younger look and feel. Plus it typically works in just one treatment with little-to-no down time and delivers results that appear natural-looking. Thermage can work in just one treatment with little-to-no down time and delivers excellent results.Thermage RF directs radiofrequency energy below the skin’s surface, heating deep into the dermis to help improve the appearance of surface skin from within. It is effective and flexible enough to treat a wide age range of adult patients and indications on the face, eyes, or the body. With our latest innovation – Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) – we’ve taken patient comfort to a whole new level. We keep innovating to ensure Thermage can help power the evolution of your practice, helping attract more patients who are looking for proven treatments that deliver real results.





The radiofrequency energy only delivery components of the Thermage CPT System and accessories are indicated for use in:

  1. Dermatologic and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis;
  2. Non-invasive treatment of periorbital wrinkles and rhytids including upper and lower eyelids; and
  3. Non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids.

The simultaneous application of radiofrequency energy and skin vibration by the Thermage CPT System and accessories are indicated for use in:

  1. Dermatologic and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis;
  2. Non-invasive treatment of periorbital wrinkles and rhytids;
  3. Non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids;
  4. Temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite;
  5. Relief of minor muscle aches and pains;
  6. Relief of muscle spasms; and
  7. Temporary improvement of local circulation (blood circulation).


Do not undergo Thermage treatment if you have a cardiac pacemaker or other active implants. Inform your doctor if you have this condition or are in doubt. The most common adverse effects include:

  1. Surface Irregularities: Frequently, surface irregularities are not evident immediately post-treatment, but may appear up to 1 or more months post-treatment.
  2. Altered Sensation: “Numbness,” “tingling,” or “temporary paralysis” that typically resolves in a short period of time, but may persist up to several weeks.
  3. Burns, Blisters, Scabbing, and Scarring: The procedure may produce heating in the upper layers of the skin, causing burns and subsequent blister and scab formation.

There is a possibility of scar formation.

  1. Lumps / Nodules: lumps or nodules under the skin may occur primarily in the neck area that usually resolve within 1 or 2 weeks without chronic or long term complications.
  2. Pigment Changes: Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) that normally resolves within several months.
  3. Edema: Swelling may occur and typically resolves within 5 days, but can persist up to several weeks.
  4. Mild to Moderate Pain: Typically, the discomfort is temporary during the procedure and localized within the treatment area. .

Talk to your doctor for more information about Thermage, and see for additional details.

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